Villas for Agents

For Travel Professionals Only:

With the help of our partners, we have villas available to you in all of the most desirable vacation locations. Over the last year, we have booked agents all over the world including California, Florida, Hawaii, The Caribbean, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South America, London, and more.

TA Fams is proud to offer qualified agents exclusive access to some of the most beautiful vacation properties all over the world. Our Agent Villa program provides a week of accommodations at deeply discounted rates. There are no required tours or inspections. Just explore the area and enjoy the property like a client would.

These rates and availability to book is reserved for validated travel professionals only. If you are interested in our program or wish to book a villa, you will need to become a member of our Validated Agents program. For more information or to register as a validated agent, click below.